Wednesday, June 8, 2016

local font find # 28

Just up the road from our home is a fantastic sign welcoming folks to the Fairview Cemetery in Osceola, Pa. The all-caps have a stately look. The arms of the E's and ends of C's are chopped at slight angels giving them a bit more character (see below). The RUST!...oh the RUST!!!! Rarely does rust take away from my visual joy (at some point the rust will overtake the entire sign, but I still love it). The dates are set very close to the title and it makes the large space in the center of the sign feel even greater. Due to that space not being centered and the ornamental piece above it, the sign does feel a bit awkward but not to the point that it repells the viewer. 

The blocky numbers fit fantastically with the lettering. The 2 feels as though it may fall due to the cut in the bottom left of the number....oh well!

The only issue with this quality sign is that it is very close to the road and is difficult to take in as you drive past. I sure do love it!!!