Sunday, October 9, 2016

hey Jason Gehman!!!!! yer awesome....

I have always attempted to surround myself with interesting people. Especially people who are more knowledgeable in subjects other than my main interests. By chance, Jason Gehman, now of Wellsboro, crossed my path. He is one of those interesting folks that hold your attention with their ideas. 

Google had me in a pickle with my domain name for this blog. The reoccurring payment was not going through and I lost it for a while. Though I was thoroughly busy as it was down, I did not want to give this site up. Jason was the only guy I knew who could weave through the Kafkaesque bureaucracy and set me free from Google's purposeful maze of misery. His computer skills boggle my mind. 

Thanks Jason for your time and application of your skills... your a good man!

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